Do you get stressed every time while shopping for home essentials? Do you hate the hassles of shopping with different vendors? Do you panic, dealing with the unorganised and unscheduled delivery timeframe?

 Rest easy. Boriya Bistar is now at your disposal.

 Whether you have a rental accommodation, PG hostel, or service apartment, we help you shop for a wide selection of top notch household essentials and basic furniture with total ease and comfort.

Forget the pain of dealing with different vendors, different shopping procedures and different delivery time.

We Serve:
Rental Accommodations
Service Apartments
PG Hostels

Why Boriya Bistar?

  • India’s dedicated online destination for relocation shopping
  • One-stop solution for all your essential household requirements
  • Amazing aggregation of a variety of premium products
  • Top brands and in-house makes
  • Energetic start-up team
  • Solid experience in serving individuals and reputed organisations
  • No-fuss ordering process
  • One-point contact, from order to delivery
  • Low price guaranteed
  • Totally friendly and cool customer services on-time
  • No shopping stress. Only smiles all the way!

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