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About Us

We ease the life and hassles of people moving to new places

Shifting to new cities and unacquainted towns happens to everyone.
Especially at a young age, you move to a new place in pursuit of career or education.
And the very first thing you do right after you find a place to stay is to shop for home essentials.
From towels to pillows to lunch boxes, you need stuff to start your new life in a city that is brand new to you.
But just imagine the problems.
Unfamiliar Language. Unfamiliar streets. Unfamiliar people. Unfamiliar shops.

You wouldn’t know:

– where to shop
– how to bargain in the local language
– whether the shopkeepers are charging you exorbitant prices
– the travel routes, so end up paying more for taxis and autos

Well, you would feel like a child lost in a crowded market.

Enter Boriya Bistar.


24/7 Support

Your shopping worries in a new city, taken care of.

Boriya Bistar lets you shop for the bed, bath, and cooking essentials from the convenience of your home. From branded products to in-house makes, we feature an array of items that will help you make a new city feel like home.